Sunday, June 17, 2012

If we were to get coffee

Several of my friends have posted blogs about what we (and by we I mean this lovely cyber community of blogger) would do if we went to coffee together.  I thought that sounded like SO much fun seeing as how I wish I could get coffee with everyone I "meet" through this cyber land of the WWW.

So here we go, 

If we were to have coffee together...

I would be SO happy we could find a time that works with our schedules, I feel like life is SO busy, that finding time for just a simple cup of coffee with a friend is so hard, why is that?

We would probably then move to talking about the craziness of life, we would talk about time, work, family, blah blah blah, maybe throw in the weather, because if you live close to me you know we've had a HOT few days together. 

We'd probably comment on why I'm drinking a hot drink on such a hot day, but for some reason I just can't drink iced coffee drinks, call me crazy, but even in 108 degree temps I'll be sipping on a  hot one.

I'd tell you I can't WAIT for fall to come, summer is such a busy time for us. An incredibly fun time filled with lots of hangout time with highschoolers, but a busy time. 

Then, I'd probably talk to you about my problem of looking to the new big thing (i.e., fall) and how I'm working on living in the now, which some days goes awesome, others, eh, not so well.

I'd probably share with you that after watching my husband at VBS this last week, I can't wait to see him as a dad. He's going to be such a good dad.

Then I'd probably rattle on and on to you about our adoption and how excited I am to hold our baby. 

I'd tell you how incredibly blessed we've been in the process, then I might tear up 

Because I think adoption hormones are real and the most random things make me tear up

I'd look at my phone and gasp that I've been talking and talking and haven't heard how you're doing

So, you'd tell me what's going on, we'd laugh about the funny moments, get angry at the bad ones, and maybe cry a bit. 

We'd probably talk about our plans to change the world, then we'd remind ourselves that's Jesus' job and we're just here to help with the plan, so we'd talk and talk about how we can help. 

We'd share big dreams for our little city and our little world. 

We'd say we have to get together again soon, because our time was so refreshing

Then our phones would probably ring because we're on to the next thing in the day

We'd hug, and leave refreshed...

If we were to have coffee together. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Since you asked...

Summer has officially began.  The graduation parties started this last weekend and will commence into next weekend, we've been to 4 so far, this next weekend we'll hit 4 more. Yes, 'tis the season, the graduation season. Graduation is always such a surreal time for me, I barely remember my high school graduation, but then again, I don't even really feel that old either. Time flies. 

Speaking of time, this coming Friday marks 3 weeks on the wait list for our little one!  We've had a few questions in the last few weeks, the big one what's next?! Well, we'll try to get those questions answered.

So where are you at now?
We are officially on the wait list.  The wait list is just what it sounds like, a list of families waiting for little ones.  

How long will you wait?
In all reality, only God knows. Our agency gives projected wait times, and currently that's about 18 months, I've been encouraged over the last few months to hear of families getting referrals a little sooner. We aren't just "the next ones on the list" our agency works very hard to match each child to the family that will be best for them (the child). Once we get matched it's called a referral. 

What's a referral?
Well, a referral is our match :) It's that special call we're waiting for from our family coordinator. We'll get whatever medical and family history that's known, and see some pictures! This day will be a special day.

What happens after a referral?
Then we go to Ethiopia for our first trip, this trip will be our court trip and the first time we meet our baby.  We'll stand before a judge who will (hopefully) pass us the first time.  We'll get to spend time with our baby, see some sights and get to know his country better. 

Then can we all meet him?
Not quite yet. We'll return to Fairfield and wait for embassy, which we pray isn't too long, then we return to Ethiopia get our boy, finish all necessary things in country and then the THREE of us head home. 

Is he born yet?
Because of the current wait tome for our agency, he's probably not born yet.  Unlike domestic adoption here in the US, we are not matched with a birth mother, we are matched with an orphaned child.  We may or may not know much about our child's mother and father, or any extended family he may have. Our agency will do their best to get any information they may have, but there's just a lot we may never know. 

Do you have any names picked out?
yes and no. It depends if you ask me, or Justin. We will keep his Ethiopian name as his middle name to help to preserve his heritage, but we have some ideas for his first name :)

So how can we help?
Pray, seriously this is SUCH a big part. Please pray not only for us, but for our child's mother, father, family, whoever he may come in contact with.  Pray for his safety and for the safety of his mother. She is going to do a very selfless thing, and she may or may not even know it yet, please pray for her heart and for her to feel loved and protected.

We have felt such a huge amount of support from our family and friends, YOU are such a huge part in our babies story, we can't wait for him to meet you.