God's Timing

11/22/2011 Online pre-application with America World
12/2/2011 Mailed in official application to AWA 
12/16/2011 Accepted into the Ethiopia program with AWA
12/20/2011 First batch of paperwork to AWA-yay!
1/1/12 Assigned social worker for homestudy
1/5/12 Assigned family coordinator
1/11/12 1st Homestudy appointment
1/16/12 2nd Homestudy appointment
1/18/12 Final Homestudy appointment (homestudy done!)
3/5/12 Mailed off I600A !
4/23/12 USCIS Fingerprint Appt!4/30/12 Receive I171-H approval letter in the mail
5/7/12 Mailed off completed dossier to AWA
5/9/12 Dossier received by family coordinator at AWA 
5/18/12 D.T.E!!! (dossier to Ethiopia!!!)
10/20/12 Widened adoption paramaters 
1/1/13 Became aware of a little boy in West Africa who needed a family
2/10/13 Approved for concurrent family building (basically, two adoptions at once!)
2/11/13 Begin paperwork for adoption #2 (which is funny because #2 will come home first)