Sunday, March 3, 2013

She Does Justice, a Fundraiser

I'm so excited to share this awesome opportunity we have to fundraise towards our second adoption.  God provided every penny we needed for our Ethiopian adoption, and it sits safely in our agencies eternal family fund so that we can access it when needed.  It was amazing to watch God show up in huge ways over the last year, and I always wondered why He funded us as early as He did, it seemed like we never had the money until we needed it, and we were cool with that, then the money just kept coming and opportunities for extra work would come up and we were cool with that too, then-we were funded! Boom! Just like that. Now I know why God funded us when He did, He knew we'd be bringing home another little one! So, we're totally ready to watch God show up and make Himself famous yet again.  We're anticipating roughly $15,000 for this adoption, thankfully we should be able to use some of the same documents for this adoption that we used for our Ethiopian adoption, and our home study is current (which is so great) so we can update that to our new country requirements, but we will still have agency fees, orphanage fees and travel fees. $15,000 seems like nothing compared to what we watched God do this last year, and we're not worried. We continued to save even though we reached our goal and that has helped us with some of our beginning expenses.

We are now in full paperwork mode with #2, and we have been given the amazing opportunity to partner with SheDoesJustice as a fundraising family for her affiliate program.  With the affiliate program, any purchases you make through our link to her shop, we will get 25% of every purchase towards our adoption expenses. An added plus? SheDoesJustice is also an adoptive mom who is raising money to bring their child home as by shopping thorough our link you can support not 1 but 2 adoptions! 

Here are a few things from the shop:





Super cute right?! I'm so excited for this opportunity and for the community that we've found that stands with you on this crazy ride!

Over in the left corner of the blog, we've added our button that goes straight to our link in the SheDoesJustice shop, you can also click on the button below to check things out! And make sure you check out her blog too, she features awesome causes each month and this month's cause is SoleHope! 

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