Saturday, October 19, 2013

No News Fridays

So we've begun a little tradition in our house, and it's affectionately called "No News Fridays" or better described as "A spin on that sad sinking feeling you get in your gut when 5pm rolls around on a Friday night and you know you probably won't have any communication in regards to your adoption until Monday"...oh and it's worse it Monday is a holiday...

It's really not that bad. Or it is. It depends on how the week has gone up to that day really.

So, I LOVE Fridays, I really do.  There's just something about them,, sometimes I can't even sleep on Thursday night because I'm so excited Friday is almost here (it's weird I know).  But as of recently..I hate Fridays, well usually.  Because I know that usually by Friday around 4ish if you haven't heard anything big or exciting form our agency, it's going to be a loooonnng weekend of wondering. Two days of (usually, sometimes there's an exception) no emails or phone calls from our case worker (of whom I really love and am constantly badgering, so she really should get a few days free of my phone calls and emails)

But it's hard, it's hard knowing that another week has passed.

So, we have adopted 'No News Friday', where we'll put a spin on a usually hard day and do something fun to get our minds off of entering the weekend with no news.  Sometimes we plan something together, or sometimes if I'm entering the weekend on a sad note, Justin picks something fun.

I know we won't always have No News Fridays, and while I like the idea of them..I'm praying we don't have too many...

Here's to a fun twist of no news on Fridays!
Wanna join the fun?!

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Patrick and Jenni said...

Such a good idea. It's so hard going into the weekend when you've been waiting for an answer all week or sometimes multiple weeks. We can really relate right now. And going to Sam's Club for peanut butter and rice doesn't count as a fun outing!