Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Sometimes I get these thoughts. NOT like “Ohmygosh did we make the right choice, did we hear God right?” kind of thoughts, but the “Ohmygosh, we’re going to be PARENTS!” kind of thoughts. Usually, a couple finds out that they’re pregnant and immediately, the planning begins. The excitement starts to build, thoughts of the future begin to creep in, the belly grows and about 9ish months later, there’s the baby! We have the same feelings, fears and thoughts of many first time parents, only my stomach won’t grow, and our baby lives on the other side of the world. Even though we aren’t physically pregnant, we are treasuring this time. I’m trying to enjoy every step of this process because I know it will bring us one step closer to our baby. As you may or may not know, adoption is definitely full of waiting. Lots of waiting. But I feel like the waiting will make the ending even sweeter. Yesterday I had to go down to the social security office to get a new card, and although it wasn’t the highlight of my day BY FAR, and I had to wait for over an HOUR I just kept thinking of that sweet baby who will also be waiting and all the children who are currently waiting…then I realized that my waiting wasn’t all that bad, and I even laughed at myself-which I’m sure looked extremely strange to those around me, being that I was in the social security office. Ha ha. Oh well.

We made our adoption shirts this past weekend. We will be selling them as a way to help fund our adoption. I’ll maybe try to post a link to them later this week. There is so much I’m looking forward to while walking down this adoption journey, we are so thankful. Thanks for reading!


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