Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jehovah-Jireh, my provider.

JEHOVAH-JIREH-the Lord will provide. That pretty much sums up our last few weeks. When we first started this journey-we did not have a dime towards our adoption fund. We knew that the LORD was calling us to adopt and that He was calling us to adopt now, so we pretty much started a journey of faith. Every cent we’ve paid so far has come fully from the LORD. The night we announced our plans to adopt, someone donated exactly what we needed to make the initial payment. Humbled. The next payment that we made, we raised in about 2 weeks. Humbled. Even when I think “Ok, if we can raise half, we can do the other part on our own if we’re super tight this week” God says “Nope, trust me” and the funds are given. Humbled. In the short time we’ve been on this journey I am in awe of the work that the Lord has done. We needed $1,250 to begin our home study, which we didn’t have, that day I was so sad, knowing that God was in control but knowing that I wanted things to move fast and this was holding us back, about three hours after I gave it up to God and yet again admitted my fears, someone called and gave us $1,100 dollars, they had gotten more on their Christmas bonus than they had thought, so they gave it to us. Humbled. Everything we have needed so far has been provided, and it’s usually right before the money is due-it’s a God thing. We're humbled.

And now, we have begun our home study process!!! In exactly one week from today, we will have our first home study appointment. I thought I’d be way nervous; maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet. We really like our social worker; she’s so sweet and has even been emailing me on her vacation, in Korea! What a sweetheart she is. We have been collecting papers like crazy for this homestudy! This is what we needed:

-parent information forms (basically a history report on us)

-employment verification

-medical reports and physicals

-FBI/DOJ and child abuse clearances

-Home verification statement

-Guardianship statement (who will take care of our little one if something happens)

-Copies of birth certificates and marriage license

-Online education (working on that one...)

-Financial information forms

-Tax returns

-Criminal record check

We also need to raise $1,000 before our social worker comes in a week, if you can, would you please pray that the funds needed would come in, and if they don’t for patience as we raise this next bit. JEHOVAH-JIREH. He’ll provide in the time He sees fit.

Thank you readers! We can’t wait to bring our baby home and introduce him to everyone who has played a part in his life, and you are included! Through your reading and your prayers, you’re helping us get one day closer to bring our baby home.

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Dianne said...

Wow!! Stephanie this is incredible. This is proof that when He calls us to do something He will indeed make a way. I love these posts, thanks for sharing!