Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A whirlwind of a month! But a good one...

I can't believe that we've been in the adoption process for almost 2 months already! Time has flown by (ask me in 6-9 months if I still feel this way...) Here is a glimpse of what our month has been like...

Our home study has been started and is just about done! By this Friday, we will have completed our interviews, submitted our paperwork and be awaiting the approval from our agency before the final draft is written.

We have started and are getting close to done with collecting documents for our dossier! In all honesty, the dossier can seem really intimidating, but it's really not, try not to get overwhelmed if you aren't there yet. We are getting ready to have a fun notary party soon for all the necessary documents, thanks to a great friend from our church who has offered to help us with the notarization process :)

In just the short amount of time, we have seen God's hand at work in so many ways. The opportunities we've had to share about Him, the ways He's allowed us to grow in faith together-it's been absolutely amazing. It's almost indescribable, God is good and it's amazing how He chooses to show us. Usually it's when I'm feeling pretty down, and then a sweet text from a special friend with encouraging information and kind words, it's crazy cool how God uses His people.

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like you all are moving right along! Very exciting!