Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yard Sale Blessings

Yesterday was our yard sale day.
We' ve been prepping and planning for months.
And yesterday it paid off.
Our goal for our sale was to make $600.00
By raising $600 we would be able to submit to USCIS, the last step before our dossier is complete.

It was almost like God said, "$600? I know your needs" (it costs $890 to submit to USCIS, with other donations we had the remainder)

Our yard sale was supposed to "open" at 8, but we were ready way before. Thanks to the generous donations of our family, friends and complete stragners we had WAY too much to keep in our garage and store in our house, so we set up for our sale the night before, covered things with sheets (to protect them from the dew) and Justin and a couple high school students stayed up all night protecting all the precious things!

People started showing up at about 6:45, which was great.

By 9am, our goal of $600 was met. (an hour after our sale had "opened".)

The day was great (long) but great. we got to catch up with friends, make new ones and got to share about adoption with people and even met someone who's friend just got their referral from Ethiopia.

The week leading up to the sale was hard and long, with several road blocks along the way.

But God totally blessed this sale.

And through our sale we made $1,967.

Way more than we thought we (and by we I mean all of you! who who've helped along the way near and far :) ) needed, but that's usually how Jesus works, always giving us more.

Thank you doesn't seem like enough to EVERYONE who played a part in this sale.






Dianne said...

Wow! Praise the Lord for always providing!

Morgan Vucurevich said...

That is fabulous!