Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's official........87 (unofficially....)

Although we've been in the adoption process for about 7 months now, the "official" wait time doesn't begin until your dossier is sent to Ethiopia.  I realize that many of you probably don't even know what I'm talking about when I say dossier.  Here's a quick adoption lesson for you, dossier (pronounced doss-e-ay) is a huge collection of papers that basically sums up our lives; from work information, home information, family information, financial information, you name it, it's probably in there.  Most of the information has to be notarized, then certified, the it gets sent to the state department in Washington DC for certification, then to the Ethiopian Embassy here in the US for certification and THEN it is sent to Ethiopia.  

May 18, 2012 marks our D.T.E date 
(our dossier to Ethiopia date) 

Now, we are officially waiting for our agency to match us with a child!
 Our agency gives 'unofficial' wait list numbers, and we are number 87!  But our agency doesn't necessarily place a child based on where you are on the list, the placement a child is based on your families  preference and situation and what would be best for the child. So although the number isn't really "officially" how long we could wait, it's fun to see our name on a list that shows we are waiting. 

When I saw what number we were, I thought I'd be a little sad, maybe bummed by how far down on the list we are, but it's totally a God thing that I'm not at all! I'm actually excited that by the time we get matched with our child over 86 children (because others ahead of us are requesting siblings) will be orphans no longer!  

That. Is. Glorious! 

So for now, we wait, "unofficially" at #87
Let's see what God has in store for us during this wait, it's going to be good, I can feel it!

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Yahhh! Congratulations!! What an exciting day!!