Sunday, October 21, 2012

Helpin' out

I love the community of adoption, like I've said a bazillion times before. I love some of the friends I've made along the process and the ones that I continue to meet.  Something I super love is when the body steps up and helps one another along in the process.  A fellow adoptive mama Kayla is hosting a giveaway for a super sweet couple who is adopting TWIN boys from Africa, melt my heart! Kayla and her husband's adoption story is super sweet, her little one was born in Nigeria, awesome.  Head over to Kayla's blog to enter to win an awesome giveaway that helps Natalie and her hubby bring their babies home!!! 

"My friends, adoption is redemption.  It's costly, exhausting expensive and outrageous.  Buying back lives costs so much.  When God set out to redeem us, it killed him."
-Derek Loux

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Kayla at Many Sparrows said...

Such a sweet post! Thanks for sharing -- glad to find your blog! :)