Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This is why

This is why I love Noonday Collection
This is why I (at times) blow up facebook with pictures and quotes of what this company is doing

Jessica, the founder of Noonday Collection is on an African adventure visiting the artisans of Noonday Collection in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda. 

We ambassadors were asked to make a keepsake for the artisans so that Jessica could show them who we are, and who you are.  
You, the women who wear their stories. 
This is what Jessica wrote to us after she gave them the keepsakes

"Bawled today as the women opened up your keepsakes and kissed the photos. 
 It was the uniting of women, 
of empowerment, 
of what God is doing"

The picture above is taken with the artisans in Ethiopia.  If you haven't had the chance to hear the stories of the Ethiopian pieces, prepare to be blown away.  

 Entoto mountain. 
men and women travel to this place where there is believed to be holy water, that will cure then from HIV.  
These women, their disease does NOT define who they are.
The pieces they create are truly a story of redemption.
Taking artillery pieces (old war weapons)
Melting them down and creating beautiful pieces
Pieces that tell a powerful story
A story of literally taking something used for darkness, for war, for death

And making into something beautiful. 

They are daughters of the King, just like you and I
They are beautiful
Their stories are powerful

You can help be their voice and share their story.

With the holiday's fast approaching, will you join me in a different kind of Christmas shopping?
Shopping that gives back
Shopping that gives the opportunity to be a voice for someone

If you're interested in hosting a Noonday Collection Trunk show, please let me know.  By opening your home for a few hours, you're opening up your home to allow stories to be shared, visions to be started and dreams to come true. 

That's why I love Noonday, because even if you're just helping one, to that one person it means everything

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Unknown said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and Im so proud of all you guys are doing!
Can't wait to see you tuesday and many more times after that!