Monday, January 28, 2013

Currently I am...

Reading: No Longer A Slumdog, Left To Tell
Watching: All the shows on our backed up DVR
Listening to: Bethel Music (One day I'll make it up there...)
Dreaming of: Summer days
Anticipating: Summer vacation ( a summer theme is happening here)
Thinking about: needing to go clean the chicken coop. Blah
Enjoying: The She Reads Truth Soul Detox (check it out)
Freaking out: Because where did the month of January go?! Geeze February will be here this week
Feeling: A strong sense of peace this week...
Missing: My sister! Veron come back from England already geeze you left mom and I here with all the boys
Contemplating: Juicing a few times a week, I'm feeling quite blah after this nasty flu and cold and need a boost (juicing recipes welcomed)
Loving: The quote below, being sick allowed for me to watch Anne of Green Gables AND Anne of Avonlea, love me some Anne Shirley and I now want to move to Prince Edward Island. 


Lindsay said...

This post is super cute. I hope you are feeling better. My little one has been sick so I have been stuffing myself with tons of fresh fruit as to maybe avoid it. :/

Megan said...

2 things - I LOVE Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I definitely need to watch those again. My favorite juice recipe - 1 grapefruit, 1 granny smith apple, 1/2 english cucumber and 1/2 beet. Super good.

Our journey said...

Oh no! Yes eat fruit! I hope you don't get sick too :/ Whatever's been going around here is a doosey, hope your little guy feels better soon!

Our journey said...

Yes totally watch them again, aren't they so amazing-did you know there's one more set?? Anne the continuing story! It all unfolds... ;) Ooo I'll try that recipe this week, sounds delish!

Amanda said...

I really enjoyed Left to Tell and her other book. They were definitely hard reads but her faith is amazing. Another great book on the genocide is Machete Season. It is a compilation of interviews and stories from people that participated in the killing. It was heartbreaking and thought provoking and left me speechless time and time again. I really recommend reading it.