Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Calling in the troops

Oh hey guys! You probably hope I'm stepping in with an update aren't ya? Well, I kinda am, all our documents are ready to go over to West Africa, once they get there, we can receive official paperwork on our little man and can go forward with the next step (which is, in case you're wondering will be filing our i800!)

Here's the deal, you heard (read?) me write about our agency switch, we lost about $4500 in that switch, but God has been faithful to supply our needs until now, and we don't doubt that He will continue, but here's the thing...

We need $3,114.76 like...a week from yesterday..YIKES! We have to have a check to our agency for $11,500 in the mail by Monday at the latest..so what are we going to do??

Eat cookies.

Well actually..we hope that YOU want to eat some cookies!

We're holding a cookie sale!

That's right ladies and gents! Are you craving a yummy cookie? Or a dozen perhaps? Well you're in luck! This weekend we will be baking up dozens and dozens of cookies! 

Here's the scoop:

Cookies will sell for $22 a dozen (that's a lot of money you say? you're right, but they're really good cookies!) 

You can order your cookies by clicking on this paypal link:

In the notes just put your name and how many orders you'd like, and we'll get bakin'!

This sale is for locals only (Fairfield, Vacaville, Suisun) 

BUT if you'd like some shipped to you and you're not local, let us know and we'll get a price for shipping :) 

Cookies will be delivered this Sunday, September 29th! After 5pm, so make sure in your notes you put where you'll be at that time so we can bring them to you! (note: if you attend Parkway Community we can deliver your cookies that morning) 

If you'd like a tax deductible donation, you can give straight to our agency:

Make the checks out to Faith International Adoptions, and writes "Nunes Family" in the memo

Their address is 
1105 Tacoma Ave. South
Tacoma, WA 98402

And if you're curioius as to exactly where that $11,500 is going..here's a little breakdown for ya:

Country Central Authority $2,000  ( note: I edited this because it showed the country name and we're not sharing that yet)
Lawyer Fees $2,000 
Court Processing Fees $500
Administrative Costs $500
Child’s Passport and Exit Documentation $500 
Orphanage Donation $4,000 
Agency Fee 2 $2,000

There you have it folks, we're nearing the end of payments (aside from travel) and this is our last payment, and it's a whopper, and so you know what? We need some help...

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