Thursday, September 12, 2013

When oceans rise...

This song has been on constant repeat in our house the last few weeks. It's kind of become a prayer.

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted it on Facebook and it brought up so many emotions.  It's been my theme song throughout the adoption of little man.

The story that God is writing in this adoption is quite different than what a "typical" adoption journey looks like.  We didn't go looking for little man at all. I honestly had to google his country when we heard about him.  It's very much obvious that God lead us to him.

I can honestly say we've learned more about faith in this specific adoption more than ever...I kinda don't wanna pray for more faith anymore..because you know what happens when you pray for get placed in situations where you're forced to have faith ; )  Or patience..that too ; )

When we said yes to this adoption, we said yes to many unknowns. We're adopting from a country that doesn't really have an established program. The two families ahead of us are literally paving the road for adoptions in that country, and it's not without tears.

But He is faithful throughout.  Whenever I'm feeling doubt about what we're doing, and praying for news or movement, He shows up.  I prayed for news one night, and we got an email the next morning saying that almost all of our documents are ready to go and should be sent over within 2 weeks. That night we got to see a video of where our little guy lives, his orphanage. It was so precious because we got to see his friends, the children that he lives life with. It was like we got a glimpse more into his life.

It helped this mama's heart.

Waaaayyy back when we first sent our dossier over to Ethiopia, we prayed (and we knew) God was going to something big during our wait. I prayed for God to use the wait with our Ethiopian adoption for something big, I remember telling some of my close friends that I just had a feeling God was going to use it for something.

And He has.

I went to Rwanda

Image via WFP

Image via WFP

Justin went to Ecuador

Image via Carla Ackermann Photography 

Image via Carla Ackermann Photography 

And God's been using this time to deepen our marriage and our love for one another, which will in turn is preparing us to be parents to our little man and then to our little Ethiopian. 

Image viaWFP

You know, when you pray for God to do something big...something radical..don't be surprised when He does.  It might not look like what you think it should (it might not look like going over seas, or adopting a child) But being willing is the hardest part I think. It wasn't a piece of cake to say yes to a second adoption on a ministry salary, but we told God we would be willing. It wasn't easy to say yes to adopting from a country where a program is being build...but God has been so clear that this is where we need to be an this is our son.  

We're coming up to our 2 year anniversary when we filled out our first set of adoption how far we've come and gone in two's been insane. 

Here's to what lies ahead

Image source unknown

Maybe next time I post you'll get an update :)  For now, just keep the prayers coming, things are moving...

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