Monday, April 14, 2014

#Tag His Bag

To our village,
We're nearing the end of our journey. We're not done yet, but we're getting close.
We're awaiting our last document before we head to court and become a mom and a dad
We should know our court date in 2 weeks or so
Then, we will go and meet and bring home our son! 

We're inviting you to come along with us, all the way to Africa!!! 
Interested?! Check it out! 

Our plane tickets are about $1,900 each for our flight over to West Africa (for the two of us) 
Then about $1,000 each on the way back (times three)  

Then we have some on the ground expenses to cover, like lodging (we'll be staying in missionary guest houses, court documents and medical appointments) 

Donate any amount,  get "tagged" and come with us! 

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Chris Forsyth said...

One more step closer to bringing Jacob home!
The Forsyth's Chris, Jen & Ashley