Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In which I learned a valuable lesson about adoption, while locked in the chicken coop...

I've been in a pretty grouchy mood. I've tried hard to keep my head up, but have started to grow weary.  This last leg in the adoption journey is probably the hardest yet.  Having absolutely no control, knowing we're so close to going, and waiting on others for documents.  Other's who operate in an entirely different way then we do here in the U.S of A.

If you follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, you may have seen that I locked myself in the chicken coop for real.

I wish I could have made this up, but nope, it happened.  Let me walk you through it.  The coop was smelly, and I needed to clean it and change the water, so I did.  After I brought in the water jug, I closed the door so the ladies wouldn't get out, got everything settled and turned around, and..the door was locked.

So I pulled out my phone (thank you Jesus for modern technology) and called my husband dreading his response when I ask him to run home and let me out of the chicken coop.  I'll save you the details but there was a long pause on his end, then lots of laughing and when he could finally contain himself, he told me he'd come home. 

So I sat there and waited, and waited and waited.  In the coop, with nothing to do but think. And wait.

Waiting has been such a big part of our lives over the last two and a half years in the adoption journey.  Waiting on people, waiting on documents, waiting on governments, etc. So this was ironically such a  reflection to where I was.  And quite humbling as I sat in the coop with chicken poop lingering. 

But here's the thing, I knew Justin would come eventually and I would get out and not be waiting anymore, I waited for him with expectation knowing he would come, just like I know eventually we'll meet our son and bring him home, even though it feels like forever. 

So that's my valuable lesson for the day, sometimes God teaches you things by forcing you to stop and think and pray, and wait...even if it's in the chicken coop. 

“She woke each morning with a glow of hope,
not because a new dream had been born,
but knowing the one she carried
inside her heart would last.”
-Jodi Hills

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Laura Granado said...

Great life application! Thanks for sharing.