Saturday, August 18, 2012


Today marks 3 months waiting for sweet baby Z. Yes, yes he has a name. In a way, three months flew by, but another part seemed to drag on. It's funny, when you're physically pregnant, you know when "the end" is.  You kind of know when you can start to get the baby's room ready, when to have a baby shower, how much longer you have. With adoption, you kind of know, but not really, but kind of.  

We made a rule that we wouldn't start getting his room ready until we were DTE (dossier to Ethiopia. Side note..DTE is when your dossier (huge amount of paperwork) goes to Ethiopia. Once your paperwork is there is counted like 1 month DTE, 2 months DTE...until you get a referral) So now we're 3 months DTE.  We've gotten a few random things, but poor thing, his room has been a storage spot for the last year, so it needs some work (more like, I need to find a new place to store my craft supplies and junking finds)  But if you know me, you know I love to decorate and create, so I've of course been dreaming and planning (Unofficially ;) ), and I think it's time to get the ball rolling... 

Happy Saturday!

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