Friday, February 24, 2012

In sickness...

I'm still here! Lots of updating since we just got back from winter camp with our students. God did amazing things last weekend, I felt so blessed to be able to witness so many miracles .Hopefully I'll post more on that soon!

On another note, we've been battling quite the sickness over here. It's funny, since the day we got assigned our social worker, either Justin or I have been sick...every other week. I thought when people warned me about attacks from the enemy through the adoption process-the attacking would be just that-attacks on the process. I thought paperwork problems, ridiculous hold ups, lack of funds ect. But it's been quite the opposite (as of now), our adoption has gone quite smoothly so far and every time we've needed funds-they've been provided. But we have been sick :( Justin has pneumonia-pretty bad. It's always so sad for me to see him so sick. But we're doing our best to see the positive though it all, God's been good to us, even through the sickness. We've gotten sick at good times (if there really are any) I'm usually sick on the weekends (I work weekdays) and Justin's always sick when I'm not (so we can take care of each other!) It'd be a big bummer if we were both sick at the same time. Praising Jesus even through the sickness though because we're about to turn in our paperwork to USCIS! (
United States Citizenship and Immigration). Then, once that's done, we get a fingerprint appointment, wait for our letter saying we're good to go, and then we can turn in our dossier and submit it to Ethiopia! (well, once we raise the next amount, but God's got that covered I'm sure :) )

Next weekend is our big garage sale! If you think about it, please say a prayer for us. Lots of people have donated to make this sale special, a lot of love and prayer has gone into it so far, can't wait to see how the Lord works thorough it.

Happy weekend!

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