Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just because...

Today, Justin is still down for the count with the dreaded pneumonia, it's always hard to see someone you love sick, but especially this time its extra hard.

Anyway, I came across this blog of a friend who is currently living overseas, as I was reading through her past posts, I was especially encouraged by this one and this quote that really stuck out at me:

“The situation around you may look nothing
like the vision God has put inside you.
But by the power of faith,
you can turn your small beginning into a grand finale.
Here’s the way Jesus put it in Matthew 17:20:
‘I tell you the truth,
if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,
you can say to this mountain,
“Move from here to there”
and it will move.
Nothing will be impossible for you.’
-Steven Furtick

Sometimes when I sit and think about the 'what's ahead' with the adoption journey, I get completely overwhelmed with the mountains that lie ahead, but then I remember, God's got this, He's already lived this out, so, I'm currently praying that God would move two major mountains I see : my husbands pneumonia, and the adoption mountain; I know he'll move both, just in
His time. :)

Would you join me in praying for my sick hubby??

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