Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Will you share a story?

-Update on giveaway, thanks to, the randomly selected winner is Becky Fisher!
 Congrats Becky!!! :)-

When we began our adoption journey, I struggled (and still struggle) with an intense desire to do more. More for my community, more for the world, more for the country of my son.  Enter..Noonday.  Noonday allows me to share stories with others.  My story, the story of the journey we are on to our son, and the stories of women around the globe.  Stories of redemption. I would like you to join me in my movement, my crazy journey to do what I can to make an impact globally.  Noonday has officially launched the fall line, oh my word, it's gorgeous. Not just the pieces, but also the stories behind them.  I love them.  You can have a chance to win one of my favorite fall pieces, want to know how? 

Ok here it goes...

I'm hosting a giveaway, and here's how you can win! Doing each of the following receives one entry (unless otherwise noted) 

The giveaway begins Wednesday Sept 5, and ends Friday Sept 7th at 10pm, the winner will be announced Saturday the 8th! 

1. Follow our journey, if you already do, let me know :)
2. Share this giveaway on your Facebook
3. Share this giveaway on your blog
4. "Like" the Noonday Page
5. This one is BIG, book a trunk show for Sept. or Oct (this equals 5 entries! yay!) Trunk shows are awesome, fun and just a good time to swap stories and try on some awesome jewelry. If you don't live local, recommended a friend in the area and get them to book a show.  Seriously, you won't be disappointed. 

Ready to see what you can win?!

The Waterfall Necklace

A tri-level cascade of handcrafted paper beads set in gold colored brass make for an every day inspiration.

Handmade by African Style, a group that Noonday Collection helped launch in Uganda.

19" long. Composed of handcrafted paper beads and brass beads

Want to see WHO makes it?

Meet, Anita...


Let's do this, lets speak up for women like Anita all over the world


Melinda Lillis said...

I liked the Noonday page, will share on FB and can you email or text me about an online trunk show?

Becky Fisher said...

We're so pumped for you guys to be one day closer to your baby boy, for you to be making a difference for Jesus in this world, and to have gotten to know you guys in this process!

Veronica Marlette said...

Um, I was like one of your first followers...;) And I have liked Noonday.

Ronda Nunes said...

Yay Noonday! Nice stuff. Praying for the LIL guy.

Rylie Renee said...

So cute! Love your blog!