Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mountains Moved

Almost a year ago, we announced our decision to adopt.  

When announced our decision, we didn't even have the $250.00 application fee. 

But we knew that God was calling us, and He was calling us to move right then!

Over the past year, our faith has been tested beyond what I could imagine.  

Thinking back to our garage sale when we needed to make just $600 to cover the remaining of our USCIS fingerprints.  God saw that number, and blew our minds. That day, we made $1,967!!! 
Only God. 

We have had friends give us unexpected financial blessings, huge blessings. We've had children of friends give us their change for our baby. We've had students come to us, wanting to help however they can. 

We've been blessed by an imaginable grant from ShowHope (a resource for adoptive families)  That grant covers over what our expected travel costs are for two trips (one being coming back as a family of three :) ) Another example of God providing over what we think we need. 

Yesterday, we added up all our donations and gifts and money we've been saving...we are so close...

We are just $1,320 away from our adoption being fully funded...

I'm going to be completely transparent so you get how amazing this is

I can't believe I'm typing this for the whole world to see, but we make roughly $43,000 a year.  Half of our annual income was our projected adoption cost. 

God moved HUGE mountains this year thorough His people. You all play a part in that mountain being moved. Friends, we are so close, so so close. $1,320...I would never have thought I'd be typing that in less than a year, God provided $23,680 dollars.  

That's all Jesus.

We're praying big that our adoption will be fully funded by the year mark of our announcement.  That's about 7 weeks away.  God can do it.  Want to help us make it?! I'm booking Noonday Collection trunk shows from now until December, every penny of my commission goes to our adoption.  

Will you pray with us? God moves mountains. 

In unbelievable ways.  

To think..this was almost a year ago...


Haley Baker said...

Love this!!!!!!!!

Patrick and Sear said...

Hey there! I just saw you commented on my last post! Hello! Hope you are doing well, it's nice to connect with other adoptive parents! :) I linked up to your blog, so I can follow when you post!