Thursday, December 20, 2012

I like adoption

First, thanks for all your encouragement after my last post, it was a rough day and I'm feeling much better-we all need to be a little raw sometimes you know?

Anyway, ok so there's been this video that's been circulating through facebook land and it's awesome, so awesome that I want to take some time to share it with you and talk a little about it.  It's called "I like adoption" and it's from the campaign "I like...( enter your word here)" which is an awesome campaign, my friend Beth wrote a little blurb about it over on the give1Save1 site the other day about living generously. It's basically a campaign for just that, to live generously.  Get this, so you can sign up for like a 3 day "trial" of living generously and they'll send you an email every day on what you can do to intentionally live generously.  We all know we should be generous, but when you're presented daily with a "task" it makes it a little more fun, you're seeking out those opportunities (which lets be honest we don't all do, but if you do, that's awesome!) It's funny all three day's when my "tasks" came to my inbox I'm like "there's not way that will come up in my everyday life!" And then, it did, usually pretty quickly. I'd tell you about all three days...but I really want you to try it for yourself ;)

Ok, so back to the "I like adoption" part of it.  That's the video where I first hear about "I like..." This video is just so sweet and real, okay so now you have to watch it so I can tell you my favorite parts, so watch it...

Ok so I have tons of favorites, I totally cried when the boy started playing the piano. And Justin and I watched it together and totally related to the gas and brake pedal...I'm ALWAYS bringing up new things to Justin. 

But in all reality, when he mentioned that their repair man said their house looks like a united nations meeting, I got goosebumps..because that's what I desire for our family; children from all over the world from all different backgrounds and with different stories. I looked at the family in this video and thought, that's just like a little piece of heaven in their house. 

and that my friends, is why I like adoption...

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