Friday, December 7, 2012

Ring Ring, it's Jesus calling...

The other day I read this in my Jesus Calling Devo (love it, if you don't have it get it, and if you do have it read it) it screamed out to me that day...

"Do not be surprised by the fiery attacks on your mind.  When you struggle to find me and to live in My peace, don't let discouragement set in.  You are engaged in massive warfare, spiritually speaking.   The evil one abhors your closeness to Me, and his demonic underlings are determined to destroy our intimacy.  When you find yourself in the thick of the battle, call upon my name "Jesus, help me!" At that instant, the battle becomes Mine;  your role is simply to trust Me as I fight for you. 

"My name, properly used, has unlimited Power to bless and protect.  At the end of time, every knee will bow (in heaven, on earth, and under the earth) when My name is proclaimed.  People who have used "Jesus" as a shoddy swear word will fall down in terror on that awesome day.  But all those who have drawn near me through trustingly uttering My name will be filled with inexpressible and glorious Joy.  This is your great hope, and you await my return. "
-Jesus Calling

This week, I've definitely felt the need to call upon Him. 

Powerful words. 

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