Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Promise

The other day, Justin and I were having a conversation about the advent and the Christmas season that is now upon us.  We were talking about the excitement that was built up to the birth of this child, this Holy child.  The feeling and knowing of a promise that is being fulfilled.  The anticipation that they must have felt knowing what was to come.  Mary had this visible reminder of what is to come, her growing belly.

The excitement of my coming child must be so minimal compared to the excitement of the arrival of the King...but I felt for just a moment the other day what Mary might have felt.  Sure, I don't have a growing belly with a baby inside, but God's hand has been over us this entire journey, and there are many times I am reminded He is in control of this, not me at all. 

I'll be honest, this holiday season has been difficult for me, and it's not something I expected.  Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday season-everything about it.  Bit this year, it's very different.  It's a different season of my life, and I am learning how to walk through it.

We too, are preparing and planning  for  a child.  
A preparation that has taken much more than 9 months. A preparation that began in our heats and began as just an idea many years ago.  
A thought that quickly grew as facts were presented, and is continuing to grow as we are continuing to learn and our eyes and continuing to open wider and wider.  
A preparation that involves books, seminars, webinars.
 Information out the wazoo!

 But now...we wait.
With an anticipation that is hard to explain. 
 Because I know (not just a feeling) I know that the child that we're waiting for will do great things...

My friend Becky shared this song with me a while back, it's made things easier knowing that one day he'll be home...the child we've anticipated...

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Eco Chic Chrissy said...

Now im crying!! Your sweet baby is waiting too and Gods timing is PERFECT and worth the wait. Keep holding on to the promise and dream!