Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Need a place for your spring cleaning??

So, as you may or may not know we're working hard to get out little man home. 
We need to do a little fundraising this time around too- and as you may or may not remember, last year we had a yard sale (ps sorry for the rainbow colored blog posts back then..what was I thinking?!)  for our Ethiopian adoption.  It went amazing well and God totally blew our socks off with how big He showed up.  

We're having another yard sale to benefit out little man! 

So, if you are needing a spot to drop off all your spring cleaning items, we'll gladly take them! If you're local (Fairfield, Vacaville) we'll even pick up :)

We will begin storing things this weekend in preparation for a yard sale the end of May!

So, if you want us to take your trash and let it become someone else's treasures, we'll gladly do it.

We're ready to watch God show up big again! 

Thank you for being a part of HIS story for our life!

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